Michael Shamiyeh

Dr. Michael Shamiyeh is a professor, author, and strategy consultant.

He works with organizations imagining and creating desired futures, meaning, he supports organizations in tackling complex challenges by creating a new and meaningful future (rather than fixing a problem from the past). In a design-led approach, he combines the client’s unique business experience, analytical rigor, and the output of creative collisions (the clash of multiple perspectives to reframe habitual thinking) to transform insight into impact.

He is professor, founder, and head of the Center for Future Design (CFD), Austria, the consistent continuation of the research-based Design-Organization-Media Lab (DOM) he founded in the early 2000s. He is also partner of the International Center for Corporate Governance (ICFCG) at the University St. Gallen, CH, and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Stanford University, USA.

Professor Shamiyeh holds degrees from the University of St. Gallen (PhD in Management), Harvard University (Postprofessional Master in Architecture), AA London (MA History and Critical Thinking), and the Technical University of Vienna (Dipl-Ing in Architecture & Engineering).

Michael gained more than 25 years of international work experience in the field of architectural design and about 10 years in strategic management. He has been fortunate to work with Porsche (www.LearningFromPorsche.com), Siemens, and Kodak (www.TheUnexposedPicture.com) among many other leading companies.

He is a passionate executive educator to large corporations and regularly chairs or speaks at international conferences. Michael has written 9 books and is a contributor in international journals and popular media.

The work he and his team have done has won awards, including the highly remunerated ‘Innovation Prize’ (€100,000) from the Austrian Ministry of Science (2009) and the Gold Medal for ‘Best Invention’ from the World Intellectual Property Organization (2010).

His research focuses on disruptive innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, change leadership, strategy development, design thinking, and strategic foresight.