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Michael Shamiyeh interviewed by Hedda Mueller to share his experience on building innovation capabilities and make suggestions for the future.
How can the different modes of thinking evident in design and management be of value in orchestrating strategic change?
Invited by voestalpine, a leading integrated steel company, Shamiyeh explains what it means for innovators and their customers to co-creatively launch successfully radical ideas. The conference was attended by 300+ executives from all over the world.
Michael Shamiyeh gives a talk at the annual partner meeting of the International Center for Corporate Governance, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Five well-known personalities from academia, politics, and business discuss Upper Austrian’s challenges for tomorrow.
Keynote at kleiner&bold and launchlabs, Berlin, March 10, 2016
Lost in Change? Wirksame Wandel-Strategien, Düsseldorf 24-27. November 2015
Annual Business Upper Austria HR Conference: Shamiyeh speaks about how companies and regions must focus on the values, qualities and preferences of excellent people.
Shamiyeh Lectures disruptive innovations and their impact on established companies and business models at Business Imaging Forum, Photokina, Cologne, January 28-29, 2015
Michael Strugl (Minister of Economy), Josef Kinast (CEO Siemens Upper Austria), and Michael Shamiyeh (DOM) discuss the impact of radical innovation on markets, economies, and societies.
European Forum Alpbach: Hal Sirkin (BCG), CEO Wolfgang Eder (voestalpine), CEO Gerhard Roiss (OMV), and Michael Strugl (Minister of Economy) address the question of how changing global economics are affecting Europe’s industrial sector.
European Forum Alpbach: Shamiyeh chairs a symposium in which Michael E. Raynor, co-author with Clayton M. Christensen of the best-selling book “The Innovator's Solution,” among others, debate the competitive pressure emanating from disruptive technologies.
In this new publication on 'Driving Desired Futures' we explain what it takes to turn design thinking into real innovation. With contributions from Karl Weick, John Searle and many more
Some 300 people meet at the Oberbank Forum and listen Shamiyeh’s talk on innovation and subsequent discussion with representatives of Siemens VAI Corporation and TMG.
Michael Shamiyeh Talks About the Core Features of Strong Brand Communities and Their Value for Companies
Interview with Michael Shamiyeh on the Difference Between Ideas and Innovation
DOM hosts the first cross disciplinary seminar on creativity and entrepreneurship and partners with academic institutions concerned with cultural studies, neuroscience, psychology, and Neurology.
Shamiyeh introduces innovation principles at prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology
Shamiyeh is happy to welcome the chairman of the board of Porsche AG and Porsche Automobil Holding SE at the exhibition
Shamiyeh publishes 12 innovation principles that promise success for any business
Swiss business magazine features Shamiyeh's insights on radical innovation
Revue für postheroisches management: Design Thinking Heft 8 2011
Gerfried Stocker and Michael Shamiyeh adress the question of how to design our future(s)
The book views how regions and enterprises in a global competition can attract talents.
Shamiyeh’s book chapter takes stock of design thinking by pinpointing a central feature that has been explicated, but not consistently developed further within current debates. He argues to restate design thinking in ways that make it more future-oriented and less of a process that embraces today’s immediate challenges. Read more
Firms are often faced with difficulties when pursing technological change. So far, tremendous efforts have been taken by researchers to examine the behavioral, social, and cognitive forces that underlie this phenomenon; however, there are still cases that cannot be fully explained by available theoretical models. Read more